About the Author

"What is man, o Lord, that you are mindful of him?"


The writer of this website was born in East Berlin not long before the star of Walter Ulbricht began to wane. He spent his changeful but not too unhappy childhood and adolescence in East Germany. Grown up to a young man, he just escaped death in an encounter with the stalinistic killer spirit in East Germany. It was only after the fall of the Berlin Wall that he began believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. A key element in this development was a copy of The Bible that came into his possession one beautiful day in a most remarkable way - and he started reading it. Today he lives in Switzerland, in the canton of Zurich.

Foto: Zika (Wikipedia)

He would like to encourage all people to concern themselves seriously with the Bible, especially with the New Testament. Because the words of God mean eternal life!


His personal testimony: „When I began reading the Bible, I was very sceptical whether I could trust in its words. Though its striking statements urging to make a decision did not leave me untouched. For this reason I began seeking signals of the existence and love of God - and my search was successful far beyond my expectations! God is alive and full of power, and he will send convincing proof of his existence and his will to those people that are asking for him with emphasis.“